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Digicomp expand the Almaviva installations in Brazil



Amaviva Brazil is a Telemarketing and Information Technology company of Grupo AlmavivA – The Italian Innovation Company – a company which has become a leader in the market for Information Technology solutions and our services of Business Process Outsourcing. The company currently employs around 7000 workers, 6500 being telemarketing operators.


The company arrived in the country receiving immediate recognition from the Brazilian corporate sector and quickly obtained all the prestigue necessesary for renowned companies to speak on their behalf. Hence, More than just a great supplier of personalized service, AlmavivA Brazil is a complete solution for developing a relationship of excdellence between companies and their clients.




AlmavivA Brazil needed to renovate two floors of the building to install a call center with 310 PA’s (Telemarketing Position for Attendance) within a 60 day time period. This and also implant all the sub-systems necessary to gaurantee the quality, security and comfort in an extremely complex environment in view of the demographic and technological density. This expansion was named Phase 2.


As soon as Phase 2 was complete, a new expansion was iniciated (Phase 3). Is this stage a building had to be renovated to implant a Call Center with 736 PA’s over a timescale of 60 days, following the same model of he previous project, with the implementing of all the necessary sub-systems.


In the last Phase of the expansion of the company head offices, Phase 4, the Warehouse was too large to be renovated all at once. Thus the project work was devided into sub-phases 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and the Training Center. In Phase 4.1, a Call Center was implanted with 326 PA’s, in Phase 4.2 and 4.3 674 more PA’s, within a total of 120 days. After its completion the capacity of AlmavivA in Belo Horizonte reached 2,200 PA’s.




The “turn-key” projects were developed by Digicomp, responsible for the engineering work, electricity and cabling, and also the coordination of the execution of the work for the civil construction, architecture and steel works sectors.


The following su-systems were designed and implemented:


  • Architecture;
  • Civil Works (masonary,painting,hydroelectrics, steel works);
  • Lighting System;
  • General Electricity Feed System;
  • Structured Cabling System;
  • Fiber Optics;
  • Stablized Electric Network System;
  • Telecommunications Network;
  • Air Conditioning System;
  • No-Break System;
  • Fire Combat System;
  • Power Generator Feed for the Building.


The project was carried out according to schedule, meeting all deadlines and delivered according to the client´s timescale.




In the following interview the financial director for AlmavivA Brazil, Mr Gianluca Bilancioni, praised the services executed and reaffirmed the importance of relationships between companies.


What is your opinion of the AlmavivA Brazil expansion project carried out by Digicomp?


Digicomp know how to work in a quick and organized way and were impecable with details. The clenliness of the place positively impressed us and also the quality of the service was of a very high level.


What are the factors which most determine the success of a project like this?


The formation of an excellent relationship between the companies facilitated the work on both parts. The special attention Digicomp gave activily reacting to the solving of problems, presenting cost-saving solutions and providing complete consulting, enabled the project to progress smoothly and within the stipulated timeframe.


Just to finish, how would you classify the execution of the project: was it carried out with success?


Simply perfect! The project work was well done and we are very satisfied.


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