Firewall: The complexity of the installation depends on the size of the network, the security policy, the quantity of rules which control the flow of input and output information and the degree of security desired.


It is a device on the computer network which has the objective of applying a security policy for a determined point in the network. This security device exists in the form software and hardware, the combination of which is normally called an appliance.


IPS/IDS: In general terms, IDS is a passive security solution whereas IPS is an active security solution. In a passive system, the IDS detects a potential security violation, registers the information (log) and sends off an alert. In a reactive system, the IPS responds to the suspect activity, ending the user session or reprograms the Firewall to block the trafficking on the network of the suspected malicious user.


Digicomp offers modern state-of-the-art systems, which permit identification and protection for the company against attack and undesired access.


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