Fire-resistant doors

Made in anti-dent steel plates, with a fitted covering on 4 sides with multiple corners and ceramic material sealing for fire resistance. It has Anti-smoke protection conforming to Norm Din 18095.

Certified Vault Room / Safe rooms

Vault Rooms and Safe rooms are characterized by airtight compartments with special characteristics developed for the protection of information, electronic equipment and Data centers against a series of risks such as: Heat, Fire, corrosive Gases, Dust, Electromagnetic fields, Explosion, Debris, Break-ins, and Unauthorized access (vandalism and theft).


The Vault rooms and Safe rooms built by Digicomp are modeled, composed of sandwiched steel panels and insulated components, used on the walls, floor, ceiling and door and fitted with a sealing system to provide flexibility without the loss of its airtight property. The vault room is projected, tested and built to attend all the requirements of the Norm ABNT NBR 15247, NBR1D636, NBR IEC60529 (IP66) and DIN ENV1627 (WK6).

Mini Data Centers

A complete Data Center in a single high technology rack: Air conditioning system with side or back assembly; electric potential of up to 60KW; UPS and Energy Distribution included; Locking / security system local and remote; Fire Detection and suppression in the rack; Local and remote monitoring system.

Modelled Data Centers

A Data Center composed of metallic walls with fire insulation assembled in any size required by the client and re-locatable to any other desired site. Characteristics: speedy implementation, in any location, minimum use of space; State-of-the-art performance; Scalable for Growth, Expansion; high density configuration; Low capital cost; Low operational cost; Complete remote control and world level monitoring capacity;

Data Center PODs

System of enclosurement of hot and cold corridors with the following characteristics: considerable capital savings; Reduction of operational expenses; Improvement in return on employed capital; Achieve more processing capacity in a determined given space; Modular can be expanded in any phase; Practically no impact on or implication to the structure of the building in which it is situated; No important repairs to rented or leased buildings after removal; Re-locatable with ease; Available in various levels of physical protection in order to attend high security regimes; high resistance without sacrificing performance; high density configuration options; Obstructions such as construction columns can be absorbed by POD, maximizing the plant options; Ready Turnkey for a minimum workload for the client; Complete remote control and alarms for the wide world of Data Center Management; local monitoring; local and remote system of energy management, air conditioning, environment and of security / access; quick installation; Capacity of adding high density equipment in a new or already existing installation without affecting the current air conditioning loads; speedy and secure installation of complete Data Center in an environment not prepared for IT / Data Center.

Raised Floor

Panels 600x600x30mm composed of 2 steel plates, joined together by many weld points, the inside of the panel is rippled forming resistance points. High resistance to corrosion with anti-rust treatment and a base of electrostatic epoxy paint and internally filled with special light concrete, free of any residue, which is mixed with a chemical foam guaranteeing a perfect filling for the panel without forming air bubbles, making the floor more resistant, as well as providing acoustic comfort.


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